Boots are Always the Better Choice

I got lazy again, not posting anything for over a month. A lot of things did happen. And yep, there were a lot of stuff to write about. But I got really busy with some things, like my makeup artistry thingy and then some. 😀 Continue reading


Barely Five Feet Travel Diaries: Magnificent Maldives

Maldives summer outfit flappy hat tube dress white sandI never really thought I would fall in love with travelling. When I was a kid, I had a bad case of motion sickness, the kind that didn’t let me ride air-conditioned vehicles even at short distances. This was because the moment all the doors of an air-conditioned vehicle are shut, I start getting nauseous and within seconds, I start throwing up. That never failed. I had thrown up on my parents, my parents’ friends, my relatives, my relatives’ friends, and even on strangers. It was bad. Continue reading

And then I Learned to MAXImize

Location: Kurumba, Vihamanafushi, Maldives

Location: Kurumba, Vihamanafushi, Maldives

Like I said in my previous (and first ever) post These Boots were Made for Walking, being short somehow poses a challenge fashion-wise. There are some pieces you think you just can’t wear. In the past, I never really thought I would be able to wear boots, but now I own several pairs and love wearing them for comfort and style. It turns out that boots vary in shapes and forms, and I only have to choose pairs that will cover just enough part of my legs without making them look shorter (of course, I will never be able to wear those thigh-high boots, but I really do not think they are stylish, anyway) and pair them with bottoms that can accentuate the legs (ones that can make the legs look slimmer or longer). I usually pair my boots with tights, shorts, and skirts or dresses whose length falls just above the knees or shorter. Continue reading

These Boots were Made for Walking

anything up?

anything up?


As the name of my website suggests, yes, “barely five feet” refers to my height — it is below five feet. Some scales say I’m 4’11”, some 4’10”, and some even shorter. Of course, I prefer 4’11”, but that also means I am one inch short from the five-feet mark, which makes it even more frustrating. 😥

But anyway, as I’ve said in my About Page, I don’t mind anymore. I used to really sulk about it, especially when I was reminded of the things I cannot do because of my height or of the stereotypes our society makes or of the nasty remarks some insensitive people let slide in reference to my height . I have learned to laugh them all off and tell myself that I am fabulous no matter what. Continue reading