Palazzo, the Floor Sweeper

Attending another wedding that's not my wedding. *Teehee*

Attending another wedding that’s not my wedding. *Teehee*

In my post And Then I Learned to Maximize, I talked about maxi dresses and skirts and palazzo pants — generally all kinds of clothing that are of the floor-sweeping kind. 😀 In this post, let me focus on palazzo pants. Continue reading

Buy. Wear. Accessorize. REPEAT.

floral mini-dress fedora hat ankle boots

Why, hello there! 🙂

Some people think that to become the fashionista that they want to be, they need to buy as many clothes as their budget can afford. Although I am guilty of being a shopaholic when it comes to clothes and of considering shopping as a form of therapy, I say that buying too many clothes is not the answer to being fashionable. While it is true that owning a lot of clothes can make you come up with different looks almost effortlessly, with all those stuff to choose from, it is not really the main key to having a lot of great outfits. Continue reading