Plain White T

white shirt camouflage pumps gold belt

Sometimes, I forget I’m short until I do some groceries and find the need to ask for help in reaching for items placed on the top-level shelves. :’D


I have always thought that every girl should have a plain white shirt as part of her wardrobe. I think a plain white shirt makes a girl (or sometimes, even a boy) look clean, decent, elegant, and proper. It is a very versatile piece of clothing that can be worn with almost anything. It can easily be dressed up or down.


The way I wear a plain white tee usually depends on my mood or where I am going. When I want to keep it simple, I wear it with sneakers or flats and minimal accessories. When I want to be funky, I wear chunky accessories or colorful bottoms or shoes. A plain white shirt can even be worn in a formal affair by pairing it with a ball skirt and elegant heels. Continue reading

Them Harem

printed apartment 8 harem pants

Hey, hey, it’s Monday, and here I am with a blog entry. Last week, I failed to meet my self-imposed quota of two blog posts per week, and so this week I told myself that I MUST make up for that. 😀

Well, my About Page and previous posts will have already established that this blog is named so because of my height, and so I will be bringing up that reference every once in a while. If you haven’t read my About Page yet, and you’ve got some spare time, you can click here for some background, or check out the archives for some backread. 🙂 Continue reading

Buy. Wear. Accessorize. REPEAT.

floral mini-dress fedora hat ankle boots

Why, hello there! 🙂

Some people think that to become the fashionista that they want to be, they need to buy as many clothes as their budget can afford. Although I am guilty of being a shopaholic when it comes to clothes and of considering shopping as a form of therapy, I say that buying too many clothes is not the answer to being fashionable. While it is true that owning a lot of clothes can make you come up with different looks almost effortlessly, with all those stuff to choose from, it is not really the main key to having a lot of great outfits. Continue reading

These Boots were Made for Walking

anything up?

anything up?


As the name of my website suggests, yes, “barely five feet” refers to my height — it is below five feet. Some scales say I’m 4’11”, some 4’10”, and some even shorter. Of course, I prefer 4’11”, but that also means I am one inch short from the five-feet mark, which makes it even more frustrating. 😥

But anyway, as I’ve said in my About Page, I don’t mind anymore. I used to really sulk about it, especially when I was reminded of the things I cannot do because of my height or of the stereotypes our society makes or of the nasty remarks some insensitive people let slide in reference to my height . I have learned to laugh them all off and tell myself that I am fabulous no matter what. Continue reading