Boots are Always the Better Choice

I got lazy again, not posting anything for over a month. A lot of things did happen. And yep, there were a lot of stuff to write about. But I got really busy with some things, like my makeup artistry thingy and then some. 😀 Continue reading

These Boots were Made for Walking

anything up?

anything up?


As the name of my website suggests, yes, “barely five feet” refers to my height — it is below five feet. Some scales say I’m 4’11”, some 4’10”, and some even shorter. Of course, I prefer 4’11”, but that also means I am one inch short from the five-feet mark, which makes it even more frustrating. 😥

But anyway, as I’ve said in my About Page, I don’t mind anymore. I used to really sulk about it, especially when I was reminded of the things I cannot do because of my height or of the stereotypes our society makes or of the nasty remarks some insensitive people let slide in reference to my height . I have learned to laugh them all off and tell myself that I am fabulous no matter what. Continue reading