My So-Called Girdle Skirt

Lately my tummy has been bulging a bit more than my mind can accept; hence I’ve been TRYING to cut on my carb intake. I’m afraid that my efforts are futile, though, so until my stomach decides to shrink back to an acceptable form, I’ll have to come up with ways to hide the bulge that it is. high waist scuba flippy skirt Continue reading

The Robe Cardigan and My Late Birthday Post

robe cardigan brass necklace Mac DivaI celebrated my birthday last January 27 and planned to post about the outfit I wore on that day but totally forgot to do so due to all the birthday-related happenings. So now, here’s my supposed birthday post that showcases one clothing item that I am totally in love with as of the mo’: the robe cardigan. Continue reading

Make it on Trend with Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year

Pantone color of the year MarsalaThis was not the topic that I was supposed to post about, but I got so excited with Pantone’s announcement of its color of the year that the blog entry I had in my mind would have to wait to be posted on another day.

For this year, Pantone chose the color Marsala as Color of the Year 2015. As described by Pantone, Marsala is a bold, earthy hue, which to me appears like a mixture of red and brown and is a very, very close relative of maroon, wine, and burgundy. Continue reading

Eyebrow Addiction

Did my brows here using K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner

Did my brows here using K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner

One other thing I lack aside from height is eyebrows. My brows are very, very sparse, appearing as if they don’t even exist, especially in pictures. Because of this, I’ve (almost) mastered the art of shaping and “sculpting” my eyebrows. I have also tried all forms of brow products that I know of, from the traditional brow pencil to the relatively unfamiliar pomade. In this blog post, I will be talking about my experience on every type I have tried (represented by the best brand I’ve used of each of the types), in chronological order, and tell you what I love and loathe about each. 🙂 Continue reading

A 1990’s Love Affair

shirt tied around the waist plaid distressed ripped jeans platform sandalsDays are pretty gloomy here in our city nowadays, which is pretty good and bad at the same time. Good, because we get to wear our jackets, pullovers, and other chilly weather garments, which we are only able to wear from the months of December to February. Bad, because it’s quite difficult to get good outdoor pictures using only natural lighting. Continue reading

On Sponge Cakes and Waiting

Been dormant for a loooong time now. While I haven’t come up with a new post (‘coz my brain is in semi-hibernation period), here’s another post from my blog from a long time ago that I think each of us could use one way or another. I hope. 😉 (I did edit some parts, though.)

Did you know that sponge cakes are the most test-your-patience cakes to bake? I learned this when I studied baking, and boy, did I swear I’d never attempt to make them again! Continue reading

Five Things a Short Girl Wants You to Understand (On Behalf of All Short People in this World)

I’ve been away for a while and haven’t written a blog entry for two weeks now, and this is partially because I had been suffering from the pain of my infected left big toe nail. Somehow, the pain had also caused my brain cells and creative juices to stop functioning, and hence I couldn’t come up with a nice post, but the past weeks had also got me thinking about self-image, confidence, and loving yourself despite your flaws. I also got to explore the blog of The Plump Pinay, which encourages voluptuous girls to love their bodies, and found it so inspiring and empowering. Continue reading