Boots are Always the Better Choice

I got lazy again, not posting anything for over a month. A lot of things did happen. And yep, there were a lot of stuff to write about. But I got really busy with some things, like my makeup artistry thingy and then some. 😀 Continue reading

Gone Loco in Ilocos

hat crossbody bag flipflops day dress aztec print

I’m feeling summer on a Christmas Day. ❤

I spent Christmas Day in Ilocos with my family. We had a 3D2N activity-filled trip (Travelling without doing anything is boring; we are just not the rest-and-relax-during-vacation type of people.), which left us with aching bodies but happy hearts. Continue reading

Barely Five Feet Travel Diaries: Magnificent Maldives

Maldives summer outfit flappy hat tube dress white sandI never really thought I would fall in love with travelling. When I was a kid, I had a bad case of motion sickness, the kind that didn’t let me ride air-conditioned vehicles even at short distances. This was because the moment all the doors of an air-conditioned vehicle are shut, I start getting nauseous and within seconds, I start throwing up. That never failed. I had thrown up on my parents, my parents’ friends, my relatives, my relatives’ friends, and even on strangers. It was bad. Continue reading