On Sponge Cakes and Waiting

Been dormant for a loooong time now. While I haven’t come up with a new post (‘coz my brain is in semi-hibernation period), here’s another post from my blog from a long time ago that I think each of us could use one way or another. I hope. 😉 (I did edit some parts, though.)

Did you know that sponge cakes are the most test-your-patience cakes to bake? I learned this when I studied baking, and boy, did I swear I’d never attempt to make them again! Continue reading

Five Things a Short Girl Wants You to Understand (On Behalf of All Short People in this World)

I’ve been away for a while and haven’t written a blog entry for two weeks now, and this is partially because I had been suffering from the pain of my infected left big toe nail. Somehow, the pain had also caused my brain cells and creative juices to stop functioning, and hence I couldn’t come up with a nice post, but the past weeks had also got me thinking about self-image, confidence, and loving yourself despite your flaws. I also got to explore the blog of The Plump Pinay, which encourages voluptuous girls to love their bodies, and found it so inspiring and empowering. Continue reading

That Day

(Note: This was originally posted on my old blog www.randomblabbermouth.wordpress.com, which I have just recently retrieved. Ironically, my posts in that blog seem to have been drawn deeply, considering I was a lot younger when I wrote them [That was in 2008-2009]. I will be posting some of my other entries from my old blog here in my new blog in the coming days so that all my entries can all be read in one place. Enjoy reading!)

That day was gloomier than most of the other days, although there were no dark clouds at all. The sun shone strongly; the skies were bright as ever; birds flew and chirped happily. Still, it was a dim day for her.

She gave him the present she made for him in secret and in haste, trying hard not to show any emotions that hinted a feeling of sadness. Tomorrow, he’s leaving, and there’s no assurance that they would see each other again. Today, all she wanted to do was to get over the whole process of saying goodbye and start to move on. All the time they were together, she treated him like she did to everyone else she knew. He treated her more nicely — no, specially — than he treated others. She took him for granted — pretended to take him for granted. She actually felt something not so ordinary for him, too, but she’s never the type who would nurture a feeling like that or admit having a feeling like that. Continue reading