CONTEST: Win a Permanent Lip Tint Session from Pretty Looks!

Due to the awesome feedback that my eyebrow tattoo experience post got and because my blog is already a year old, I and Pretty Looks are giving away a free permanent aesthetic lip tint session (valued at Php8,000) to one of my (Philippine-based) blog readers/followers! Ain’t that grand? 😀 Continue reading

Brow Tattoo Q&A

In my most recent post, I chronicled my eyebrow tattoo experience, including before and after pictures to help readers who are contemplating to get permanent brows decide whether they would push through with the procedure. Needless to say, that post received a remarkable following, with readers sending me messages to ask questions regarding the procedure and my experience. Because of this, I have decided that in this post, I will address a few questions I received from readers and friends. Though I have already answered some of these in my previous post, I still included them here for ease of reference. 🙂 Continue reading

I Got Myself a Tattoo and This is How it Looks Like

Yeah, I did something I never imagined I could endure doing: getting inked. But no, it’s not that kind of tattoo you probably are thinking of now. And yes, it has something to do with makeup. I expect you to get that last one right. 😉

Last April, I finally decided to have my brows tattooed after several years of struggling with almost bald brows. Continue reading

How Correct Makeup Application should Make You Look Like

Just a quick post, as I’m writing this using my phone. It’s actually my first time (writing a blog entry through my phone), so I wanna see how it works.😁

When I was younger, I always thought that wearing makeup makes one look older, so I told myself I would never wear makeup. Now, I rarely go out without any makeup product on my face, especially on my brows (hmm… I don’t even consider brow makeup as makeup, as I feel like it’s already a part of my face😂). Continue reading

Make it on Trend with Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year

Pantone color of the year MarsalaThis was not the topic that I was supposed to post about, but I got so excited with Pantone’s announcement of its color of the year that the blog entry I had in my mind would have to wait to be posted on another day.

For this year, Pantone chose the color Marsala as Color of the Year 2015. As described by Pantone, Marsala is a bold, earthy hue, which to me appears like a mixture of red and brown and is a very, very close relative of maroon, wine, and burgundy. Continue reading

Eyebrow Addiction

Did my brows here using K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner

Did my brows here using K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner

One other thing I lack aside from height is eyebrows. My brows are very, very sparse, appearing as if they don’t even exist, especially in pictures. Because of this, I’ve (almost) mastered the art of shaping and “sculpting” my eyebrows. I have also tried all forms of brow products that I know of, from the traditional brow pencil to the relatively unfamiliar pomade. In this blog post, I will be talking about my experience on every type I have tried (represented by the best brand I’ve used of each of the types), in chronological order, and tell you what I love and loathe about each. 🙂 Continue reading

Tried and Tested Make-up Tips and Tricks

makeup tranformation high fashion couture photo shoot

Trying out different looks from time to time — these were taken during one of our “play make-up sessions”. 😀

If my memory serves me right (it usually does when it comes to long term memories, but it mostly always, always fails me when short term ones are involved), when I was in my teenage years, I loudly said to myself and to my fellow wide-eyed teenage friends that I will never ever wear make-up (and nail polish), like EVER. Now, I can loudly admit that yes, I ate my words – all of ‘em. :’D

I never really thought I would ever become a make-up junkie. I did consider taking up professional make-up courses in the past, after my stint at med school was cut short (I dropped out, didn’t think it was for me), but that was just because I was inspired by a college classmate who took up the then less travelled path of professional make-up artistry (Check out her make-up blog here.), which has now become a thriving industry. Uhmm… I ended up taking baking classes instead. 😀 Continue reading