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Hi! My name is Ems, and this is my virtual diary!

Although the heavens have blessed me with many wonderful things, height was not one of them, and this is pretty frustrating for a girl who has always admired fashion and once dreamed of being a model when she was a child. Nevertheless, the moment I had fully accepted the fact that I had already reached the peak of my “vertical limit”, I started embracing this flaw that is perhaps one of the very few physical features — if not the only one — that cannot be cosmetically enhanced and pursued the life I have always wanted to live, not only fashion-wise but also in many aspects.

I believe every girl or woman deserves to be beautiful no matter what their limitations are. It’s time that we all embrace our frustrations and use them to become the source of our strength and inspiration. After all, we are all made beautiful; we only have to truly believe that in order to live that! 😉


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