Getting Sneak-y

Happy new year, everyone! I hope your 2016 started with a bang. 😄 I have been inactive for a looooong while. My last post was in August. Geez.

Anyway, for my first post this year, I’m writing about my current most favorite fashion item (or should I say “items”?): white sneakers.

Plain white sneaks have been around since forever, and I believe they won’t ever be out of trend. Last year, however, their presence was more pronounced, and they’re not only worn with the usual tee-and-jeans or shirt-and-shorts pairings. We saw them worn with dresses, skirts, and even formal pieces.

I had always wanted to wear white sneakers (especially when Taylor Swift started becoming Keds’ endorser and perfectly paired sneakers with her iconic red lips) but never did so for the longest time mainly because — uhm — they’re flat.😂 As much as I can, I wear shoes that would give me extra height or at least make me look or at least feel taller.😄 However, I finally caved in to buying a pair when I realized that one-inch soled ones exist. And boy did (and still do) enjoy their comfort and classic, clean, and youthful touch on every outfit I wear them with! Plus that extra inch helps in making me feel not so short. I go from barely five feet to exactly five feet when I’m in these sneaks. Not bad.😄


You can wear them with maxi dresses.


…or wear them with something not-too-casual.


I basically love wearing white sneakers with dresses and skirts!😄❤️

White sneakers are a great and practical addition to one’s closet, as they are very versatile and really comfortable. They also make an outfit more “approachable” (Think: pointed pumps look bossy; pastel flats look girly, and so on — I hope you’re all getting what I mean here.😄), like you can wear a lacey, girly dress to the mall (when you would usually just wear it to a party or some other “proper” event or place) because you’re wearing sneakers with it, or dress down a pencil skirt and long sleeve blouse number with it.

So if until now, you have not yet decided on whether to get a pair of white sneakers or not, I am persuading you to get one. It’s really worth it. Teehee.

Again, happy new year!😊
Sneakers: Keds Champion Triple

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