Boots are Always the Better Choice

I got lazy again, not posting anything for over a month. A lot of things did happen. And yep, there were a lot of stuff to write about. But I got really busy with some things, like my makeup artistry thingy and then some. 😀

Oh well, let’s get to the point of this post. Boots. Yeah, you know I love ‘em (Check out my previous posts in the archives). While I know that I can never wear the thigh-high kind (uhm… ‘coz they’d probably cover the entirety of my legs. Haha), those that I can wear I really love. And because wearing boots is considered a special (sometimes strange) thing where I live, I only wear ‘em when I travel, ‘coz travellers can wear whatever they want, right? 😉

Just a few weeks ago, we had this three-day family trip where I was allowed to bring only one bag for my clothes. Just a bag – trolleys not allowed – as we had to fit 13 people (14 including the driver) in a 14-seater van while making sure there’s room for our baggage and several refreshment containers (beverage cooler/s, a box of snacks). We had kids (I counted myself as one) on board, which meant food and drinks were consumed every 30 minutes. Having the said baggage allowance, I had to make sure I brought clothes that could be worn (and looked good) with just one pair of footwear. What did I bring then? Please refer to the title of this post to know what in case you doubt your guessing skills. 🙂

H&M combat platform boots Baguio CityH&M platform combat boots Vigan CityH&M platform combat boots La Union As I’ve said before and as you can now see, boots are very versatile. They can be worn with almost anything and anywhere, plus they’re ultra comfy for long walks. The boots I was wearing in all three pics are from H&M, and they’re like the type I had been looking for since I saw this Raya Mananquil NYC shoot (I forgot in which magazine I saw it though) where she rocked a similar pair. When I saw them in H&M Megamall, I instantly asked for my size and bought them. The best part was they’re on sale – I paid only a thousand pesos for these. 😀

Also, because of my very limited wardrobe space, I brought only one set of accessories, which included my favourite silver Lacoste watch (which now reminds me that it’s time to check out these watches from Zalora; I downloaded their app a month ago and am loving the convenience it’s given me), my all-around Terranova beanie (I also bought it on sale. Teehee.), and foldable (and hence very space-saving) Rayban wayfarers (These are what I wish would go on sale. Haha).

Aaaahhh. And yes. It rained while we were in Baguio City, leaving the roads and pathways all wet and slightly muddy at some spots, but because I was wearing boots, I was still able to stroll around without a care, imagining every walkway was my runway. 😉

(I’ll post the brands of the stuff I was wearing later. I forgot which item has which brand.)

Photos by: Emir Sicangco

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