Now this post is a week late. I am so so sorry for not being able to announce who the winner is for my Permanent Lip Tint Contest on the date that I promised. My procrastination again got the best of me until I realized my delayed announcement could actually make you, my readers, and those who joined think that my contest is a scam. Well, now please know that it is NOT, NOT, NOT! Please bear with this recently-oh-so-lazy blogger, and I’m giving you my word that this won’t happen ever again (which means there’ll be more contests in the future 😊).

Before I go on and give out the name of the winner, let me first tell you how I came up with it. I registered in this site called, which allows one to draw winners, well, randomly. I typed all the names of those who sent entries, and the site picked a name. And the name it picked was:

Can you read the name right there? It’s written in teeny weeny letters.😁 Here, let me write it in a more readable form: LILEAN RANEE PABALATE. Woohoo!

Congratulations, girl!!! I know this procedure will surely change your life the way my brow tattoo changed mine.😄😁 Enjoy your soon-to-be-24/7-rosy lips!💋



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