Brow Tattoo Q&A

In my most recent post, I chronicled my eyebrow tattoo experience, including before and after pictures to help readers who are contemplating to get permanent brows decide whether they would push through with the procedure. Needless to say, that post received a remarkable following, with readers sending me messages to ask questions regarding the procedure and my experience. Because of this, I have decided that in this post, I will address a few questions I received from readers and friends. Though I have already answered some of these in my previous post, I still included them here for ease of reference. 🙂

Question:        Is it painful?

Answer:          This is the most frequently asked question I got, which I understand, since this was also my main concern before having my brows done. As I said in my previous post, the procedure is not as painful as I imagined it to be. If you have experienced having any part of your body being drawn on with a ballpoint pen, then you already have an idea on how having a brow tattoo feels like. Only, with the tattoo procedure, your skin gets pierced and bleeds, BUT very minimally. A topical anesthesia will be applied onto your brows before the actual procedure, and this numbs your skin and will keep you from feeling a great deal of pain. And when I say it’s not a great deal, I mean it, as I am not a very brave person when it comes to pain and blood. My pain tolerance is very low, so before I had this procedure done on me, I read a lot of reviews and watched videos first to assure myself that I could deal with the pain.

Question:        Is it expensive?

Answer:          This is the second most-asked question regarding my tattooed brows. My answer for this is that it depends on where you’ll have your brows done. I had mine done at Pretty Looks, which I can say is classified under the middle-priced category, with their prices ranging from Php5,000 to Php18,000, depending on the type of procedure you choose and the level of expertise of the therapist who will perform the procedure. Other centers, like Browhaus, have a higher-priced procedure, which I believe is around Php35,000, but I heard and saw (through blog posts) has really, really good results. Other aesthetic institutions offer lower prices (Php3,000 to Php5,000), but the results are not that good. This was one of the things I feared before getting a tattoo, as I know a lot of people who had permanent brows and ended up having brows that looked as if they were drawn using a black permanent marker. Others had it worse, having brows that turned greenish. Before choosing Pretty Looks, I Googled actual clients who posted pictures of their brows after having them done there, and they looked good. Pretty Looks also has a YouTube channel showing some of their most popular procedures done on popular celebrity clients, and the results were good. Also, one of my classmates in makeup school apparently had her brows done there, they really looked natural, so I went for it. 🙂

Question:        What if I want to go for a different (makeup) look? Can my brow shape still be altered?

Answer:          Yes, it still can. This just depends on the makeup products you use and the technique you employ. Using a powerful concealer or foundation, you can cover the tattoo, leaving only the hairs slightly visible. From there, you can start drawing the kind of brow shape you want. Here’s an example of the case in point. In this collage of my own makeup transformation, I was able to create a “different” set of brows using my foundation and brow product. I used RCMA cream foundation and Makeup Forever Aqua Brow here.

LEFT: me with

LEFT: me with “bare” eyebrows
RIGHT: me with brow makeup

Question:        Will it really last a lifetime or eventually fade?

Answer:          The one I got is the type that will eventually fade after several years. Browhaus’ Eyebrow Resurrection – the one priced at Php38,000 – is, according to one blogger, also not permanent. But we are talking 20 to 30 years here. This is because high-quality pigments are not really permanent; they come off with dead skin cells over time, whereas low-quality pigments don’t. The ones that do not fade are the ones that turn greenish or bluish over the years, and these, apparently, are what you get from the lower-priced centers out there. This was what I had dreaded getting before I went with Pretty Looks.

Question:        Were your brow hairs removed/lasered off before the pigment was applied?

Answer:          I found this question funny, but nevertheless valid. 😀 The answer is NO, my brow hairs were not eradicated; they’re still here in their barely-there state. 😀 The pigment is applied on top of the hair, so you will still need to remove (by plucking, threading, or shaving) the hairs that stray outside your brow shape.

There, I hope I have shed some light on these questions and that these can help you in deciding whether you should get a tattoo or not. In case you have more questions, feel free to write them down in the comments section below or e-mail me at 🙂

2 thoughts on “Brow Tattoo Q&A

  1. Hi, I shared your link for the contest win a lip tint session at pretty looks.Btw, because of your post about having a permanent tattoo.I decided to really do it☺ I also got the 4D just like yours but as of now it’s still dark and I was advised it will fade 3-4 days and will come back after a month for my 2nd session😄 so far I’m satisfied with it👍

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