A 1990’s Love Affair

shirt tied around the waist plaid distressed ripped jeans platform sandalsDays are pretty gloomy here in our city nowadays, which is pretty good and bad at the same time. Good, because we get to wear our jackets, pullovers, and other chilly weather garments, which we are only able to wear from the months of December to February. Bad, because it’s quite difficult to get good outdoor pictures using only natural lighting.

Today, which is another gloomy day, I am giving a salute to 90’s fashion by sporting the plaid-shirt-tied-around-the-waist + ripped jeans look using several of my current favourite pieces: my distressed denim pants, plaid fuchsia shirt, and black patent platform sandals.

plaid shirt tied around the waist distressed ripped jeans knapsackMy distressed pants were a steal. I got them for only a little over Php800.00 (approx. USD17.95) from Next Jeans at the Ladies’ Section of SM Department Store. I love these pants ‘coz they’re made of pure denim (a very rare find these days), not the stretch type. I stay away from stretch-type denim pants, as I have big thighs, and I think stretch material emphasizes the size of my thighs more. My plaid shirt, on the other hand, was from Mossimo, and I’ve owned it for over four years now. I love it because it’s purely flannel, so it feels soft to the skin. My platform sandals were from Primadonna. Platform sandals are now making a comeback. I remember owning several pairs of these way back my high school days, which was in the late 1990s. Platforms give you the extra height without feeling too uncomfortable, since your whole foot is positioned parallel to the ground, as opposed to wedges and heeled shoes that have your forefoot positioned on a lower level than your heel.

patent platform sandalsWhat are your thoughts about this look? Would you give it a try? Tying a cute shirt around your waist is not only a fashionable look but also a very functional one, as the shirt not only works as an accessory but also as something that can keep you warm when you suddenly feel cold.

  • basic black tee – Bayo (This shirt is 9 years old!)
  • plaid flannel shirt – Mossimo
  • distressed jeans – Next Jeans
  • platform sandals – Primadonna
  • knapsack – M Sense Street
  • statement ring – SM Accessories
  • watch – Swatch
  • necklace – Odel Sri Lanka

Photos by: Emir Sicangco

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