Palazzo, the Floor Sweeper

Attending another wedding that's not my wedding. *Teehee*

Attending another wedding that’s not my wedding. *Teehee*

In my post And Then I Learned to Maximize, I talked about maxi dresses and skirts and palazzo pants — generally all kinds of clothing that are of the floor-sweeping kind. πŸ˜€ In this post, let me focus on palazzo pants.

Palazzo pants (or palazzo trousers) are long pants that are generally loose and flare from the waist down. They are usually made of light, breathable material and hence are ideally worn during summer (here in the Philippines, it’s like summer all year round). Personally, I love these pants because I think they are flattering and make one look slender and tall, and at barely five feet, I love, love, love pieces that make one look tall (actually, I NEED them)! πŸ˜€

Palazzo pants are also so easy to style, as they are very versatile. You can wear mostly any type of blouse with it, usually tucked in if not cropped or short at the front. Wearing different kinds of accessories and footwear can also take your palazzo pants from strolling at the mall to dancing at a ball. Just this weekend, I wore this outfit to a wedding, where I did some hosting job, but I usually wear palazzo pants when traveling because I find them so comfortable.

To maximize the illusion of height, wear shoes that will let the hem of the pants barely touch the floor, almost covering your feet entirely (see photos). You can also wear flat shoes, sandals, or slippers with this item for that ultra-comfortable vibe.

I highly encourage those who haven’t worn palazzo pants yet to go ahead and try. It’s a nice option for girls who are not fond of wearing skirts and for those who would like to look womanly without losing the powerful vibe that pants seem to give. Palazzo pants exude style and comfort and can make one look regal (think long trains and gowns of people of royalty). But aim not to only sweep the floor with your pants but also sweep everybody off their feet — both with your pants and with who you are, which is the most important part of any outfit. πŸ˜‰

Give these flower girls a few years more, and they're sure to tower over me. :P

Give these flower girls a few years more, and they’re sure to tower over me. πŸ˜›

  • palazzo pants – Zara
  • cropped top – Apartment 8
  • clutch – Guess
  • necklace – Forever 21
  • cork shoes (barely seen) – Primadonna
  • gold bangle & statement ring – SM Accessories

Photos by: Bubbles Sicangco

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