Plain White T

white shirt camouflage pumps gold belt

Sometimes, I forget I’m short until I do some groceries and find the need to ask for help in reaching for items placed on the top-level shelves. :’D


I have always thought that every girl should have a plain white shirt as part of her wardrobe. I think a plain white shirt makes a girl (or sometimes, even a boy) look clean, decent, elegant, and proper. It is a very versatile piece of clothing that can be worn with almost anything. It can easily be dressed up or down.


The way I wear a plain white tee usually depends on my mood or where I am going. When I want to keep it simple, I wear it with sneakers or flats and minimal accessories. When I want to be funky, I wear chunky accessories or colorful bottoms or shoes. A plain white shirt can even be worn in a formal affair by pairing it with a ball skirt and elegant heels.


For me, when wearing a plain white t-shirt, another piece of clothing or accessory that has some pop of color must be worn (If you decide to wear more than one item with bold colors or print, make sure that the colors and/or prints are coordinated or complement each other.). This can be your shoes, your skirt, your necklace, your belt, or even your lip color (I have always considered lipstick as part of one’s outfit, and I think make-up is a big factor in making or breaking a get-up.). To keep your look classy, it is better that you wear one piece of clothing or accessory that will be the main focus of your outfit instead of wearing several pieces that will have the tendency to compete for attention or worse, clash with each other. I think this one is a general rule in dressing up, by the way.

white shirt camouflage pumps gold belt

Yesterday, I wore one of my white shirts with a pair of khakis, gold accessories (no necklace, since I was already wearing an attention-grabbing belt), red lipstick, and pointed camouflage pumps, which were the focal point of my look. Ironically, I didn’t want my camo shoes to blend in — I wanted them to stand out. 🙂


camouflage pumps

  • white shirt – Folded & Hung
  • pants – Bench
  • camo pumps – Guess
  • oversized gold watch – Bebe
  • belt – came free with a pair of Next Jeans high-waist shorts
  • pearl earrings from Palawan
  • lipstick – Mac Russian Red


Photos by: Emir Sicangco



4 thoughts on “Plain White T

  1. ang ganda ate ems my white t shirt is my favorite outfit! hehe i always feel confident and comfortable with it 🙂

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