Sporting a Mullet

mullet skirt mustard top leopard wedgesIt’s Saturday, I know, but it isn’t too late for my post #2 for this week. Oh yeah! 😀

Today, let’s talk about mullet skirts. Mullet skirts are skirts that are much like the mullet haircut: short at the front and sides, and long at the back. Now, it took really, really long before I tried on this style because I didn’t think it looked good at first, not just on me but also on others. But since I am the kind of girl who would always like to see if a trend suits me, I went for it.

Now, my hunt for a nice mullet skirt was not easy because 1) I needed to find one that’s above MY knees at the front and not too long at the back (Remember: I am barely five feet tall.), and 2) I wanted one that has a more “fluid” short to long transition (I don’t know how to better explain this, but you have probably seen mullet skirts that are composed of two pieces of cloth — one short and one long — literally sewn together to form a skirt. That one I don’t like.). Good thing I found one that satisfied both considerations, so I grabbed it. I think mullet skirts are a great addition to your wardrobe if you are the trendy type. And in case you get tired of wearing it the usual way (with the long part at the back), you can wear it sideways, making it a cute assymetrical skirt. However, I think that this will only work effectively with ones that have a continuous length transition and not with the two-pieces-of-cloth-sewn-together type. 😀

mullet skirt mustard top leopard  wedges

I love these leopard-print shoes! ❤

I only own one mullet skirt, as it was really difficult to find ones that can satisfy those two factors I mentioned above. I was looking for a nice printed one but was not able to find any. Most of the printed ones I encountered were made of chiffon, which was too light and not flowy enough for me.

Mullet dresses also came out, but I never got to buy one and might no longer be able to buy one now, as I don’t see them being sold in stores anymore.

midi ring wire ring knuckle ring

These little bling blings can add some swag to your outfits. 🙂

mullet skirt mustard top leopard wedges

  • mullet skirt – The Little Black Shop
  • top – Redhead
  • leopard print wedge platforms – Primadonna
  • sunglasses – Rayban Aviators
  • leopard print bag – Tribe Manila
  • rings (except wire ring) – Pretty Little Blings
  • wire ring – Mia Casa

Photos by: Me 🙂

8 thoughts on “Sporting a Mullet

  1. You look wonderful…trendy, cute.. you’re a darling! saw you when you visited Cagayan de Oro City – particularly COA Family at Region 10 – i think that was the birthday of your mom…best regards especially your mom…God bless

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