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printed apartment 8 harem pants

Hey, hey, it’s Monday, and here I am with a blog entry. Last week, I failed to meet my self-imposed quota of two blog posts per week, and so this week I told myself that I MUST make up for that. 😀

Well, my About Page and previous posts will have already established that this blog is named so because of my height, and so I will be bringing up that reference every once in a while. If you haven’t read my About Page yet, and you’ve got some spare time, you can click here for some background, or check out the archives for some backread. 🙂

printed harem pants apartment 8

Wearing my floral harem pants from Apartment 8

So today, I went to work wearing my favorite harem pants (I’ve got a number of them). For those who do not know yet, harem pants are pants that are baggy at the hips and crotch and fitted from the legs to the ankles (There are versions that are only fitted near the ankles, like the ones worn by belly dancers.). They’re like a cross between a skirt and a pair of skinny jeans. When the harem pants craze came out, I was intrigued in an instant and wondered whether I could pull them off. The first harem pants I saw were the ultra-baggy ones, the kind that hip-hop dancers wore and MC Hammer made popular in the 90s, so I thought I would not be able to carry them well. Also, I worried that they would make me look smaller, since the cut was a bit odd for me. I thought that perhaps they’d only look good on taller, more slender girls. Not until a number of clothing brands launched harem pants that looked semi-formal to formal that I considered trying them out.


The first harem pants I bought were a plain black pair, which I got because I thought was safe coz 1) its dark color would make my thighs and legs appear thinner and smaller (my number 1 consideration when buying pants), and 2) its neutral color tamed it a bit, given that I already found the shape of the pants a bit on the crazy side. I wore these pants for work, pairing them with wedge pumps, heels, or stilettos, as I often do when wearing skinny pants. I thought I looked fine in them and thought they looked very trendy, so I decided to buy a few pairs more, including some printed ones, opting for “tamer” prints instead of bold, psychedelic ones so that there would still be that fine balance between funkiness and sophistication. Also, my advice when wearing harem pants (for non-dancers like me) is to wear them with dainty tops and shoes, so that you still get that classy, feminine look, unless of course you deliberately want to opt for a total hip-hop vibe. 😛


Harem pants may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when worn with the right accessories and pieces of clothing, may prove to be one power wardrobe item. But then again, it is still a woman’s confidence and character that matter most and make her more attractive. Her clothes must only highlight the beauty that’s already inside her. 🙂

time = love? :)

time = love? 🙂

Amp up your outfit with a pair of killer shoes :)

Amp up your outfit with a pair of killer shoes 🙂


  • Floral harem pants – Apartment 8
  • Top – Folded & Hung
  • Silver watch – Lacoste
  • Silver statement ring, heirloom necklace – SM Accessories
  • Wedge pumps – Primadonna


Photo credits: Bubbles Sicangco


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