Buy. Wear. Accessorize. REPEAT.

floral mini-dress fedora hat ankle boots

Why, hello there! πŸ™‚

Some people think that to become the fashionista that they want to be, they need to buy as many clothes as their budget can afford. Although I am guilty of being a shopaholic when it comes to clothes and of considering shopping as a form of therapy, I say that buying too many clothes is not the answer to being fashionable. While it is true that owning a lot of clothes can make you come up with different looks almost effortlessly, with all those stuff to choose from, it is not really the main key to having a lot of great outfits.

With your creativity and a keen sense of fashion (which I think is in-born *teehee*), you can come up with many different looks even if you only have very few pieces of clothing as long as you buy pieces that you can mix and match with other pieces, footwear, and/or accessories.

Take for example the dress I wore yesterday (Sunday). I knew I was going to have a really full schedule all day: church service in the morning, a date with friends for lunch, and a photo shoot with another set of friends in the afternoon (where I was in-charge of make-up and styling). Since these activities called for different outfits (church dress code was semi-formal/smart casual, while the photo shoot was done somewhere very hilly, so comfortable footwear was necessary), I needed to wear something that could be matched with different sets of accessories and footwear. The dress I finally decided to wear was a mini day dress that I recently bought from a thrift shop. Its cut, print, and length allow me to wear it both at daytime and in the evening and with elevated shoes or flat ones.

day look evening look

For church and my lunch date, I wore it with wedge pumps and a gold watch. For the photo shoot, I wore it with ankle boots and leather bracelets. Note that my look changed from one to another even though I was wearing the same dress and the same accessories. I only changed my shoes and wrist wear (I had the same earrings, necklace, and hat) and used different bags (clutch for church that carried only the essentials, a bigger bag for the shoot that had all my other stuff [not shown here]). This only proves what I said earlier that even if you only own very few pieces of clothing, you can still have different looks as long as you make sure that you buy versatile pieces that can go well with different items that you already own.

mini-dress floral dress fedora hat clutch

Whenever I go shopping and see a piece of clothing or accessory that catches my interest, I always envision the look I can come up with it. I imagine it being worn with the other items I already have. I even visualize which make-up I will be wearing! πŸ˜€ The point is, when buying clothes, see to it that it can go well with several items in your closet so that you can wear it multiple times without getting bored with it. πŸ™‚

mini-dress thrift shp dress day dress travel


  • Dress – thrift shop steal πŸ™‚
  • Ankle boots – Primadonna
  • Fedora hat – SM Accessories
  • Watch – Swatch
  • Wedge pumps – Gibi Collection
  • Statement ring – SM Accessories
  • Wire necklace – Casa Mia
  • Leather bracelets – various shops & DIY
  • Clutch – Topshop

Photos by: Jing Maranoc

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