These Boots were Made for Walking

anything up?

anything up?


As the name of my website suggests, yes, “barely five feet” refers to my height — it is below five feet. Some scales say I’m 4’11”, some 4’10”, and some even shorter. Of course, I prefer 4’11”, but that also means I am one inch short from the five-feet mark, which makes it even more frustrating. 😥

But anyway, as I’ve said in my About Page, I don’t mind anymore. I used to really sulk about it, especially when I was reminded of the things I cannot do because of my height or of the stereotypes our society makes or of the nasty remarks some insensitive people let slide in reference to my height . I have learned to laugh them all off and tell myself that I am fabulous no matter what.

So yeah, being fashionable when you’re barely five feet can be a challenge, since most clothing sizes are standardized according to the average female height, which is 5 feet 4 inches (according to one article I have recently read), not to mention the fact that labels employ “models” whose minimum height is 5 feet 7 inches (this is even considered petite in the modelling industry). So for a really short girl like me, heels, platforms, and wedges are a must-have. However, there are days when I just want to feel comfy in flats and… BOOTS, which I love love love! Boots, in my opinion, are very fashion-forward and can amp up an outfit to zooming levels.

comfy high-cut boots

comfy boots-and-tights combo for the cool Baguio City weather

I own several pairs of boots, but since I live in a very small not-so-fashion-forward city (which is also very hot and humid), I only get to wear them whenever I travel elsewhere. For the weekend, I and my friends went on a landlocked trip to Baguio City to briefly escape the scorching heat of Tarlac (there it goes, that’s where I live), and there I had the freedom and license to wear boots and tights, a combination I really love. I wore these boots for the first time, and unlike the other ones I own, these are uber comfortable. Needless to say, I didn’t become a nuisance to our group (which I usually am, as I am often in elevated footwear) as we strolled and walked and ate and walked and ate again along the streets of refreshing Baguio City.


  • boots – Primadonna
  • hat, statement ring – SM Ladies’ Accessories
  • tights, pullover – my closet (I forgot where I got them, no label — and oh, the pullover belongs to my sister)

Photos by: Jing Maranoc


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